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We have an extensive track record of designing radical innovation, creating high value creating strategies,and kick starting short term revolutions, for public organizations, global corporations and innovative startups.

Innovating plastics: PRIMI – extreme user innovation


Together with the National Museum of Denmark and the National Gallery of Denmark, Blue Skies designed a consortium-led innovation project to explore radical innovation in plastics in an interdisciplinary cooperative effort between artists, designers, art historians and researchers from the plastics industry.

Innovating architecture: Sustainable innovation unit for architects 3XN

For 3XN, Blå Himmel designed a unique way to empower the company with more sustainable knowledge and services by implementing a cross disciplinary daughter company, GXN, now a major contributor to 3XN with new advanced material and sustainability practices.

Innovating water: Global strategy for Grundfos Water Utility

Blå Himmel’s Lars Lundbye stepped in as Executive Strategist in Grundfos to innovate the 2,3bn DKK water supply business of Grundfos. This included developing a whole new sustainable approach to the area of agriculture, as well as rethinking how renewable energy and water supply can join hands.

Innovating health: The Somaliland Telemedical System for Psychiatry

A lack of psychiatric help in war torn societies, led Anders Michelsen from Cph. Uni. and Lars Lundbye to design a platform called Peaceware ICT4D. The Somaliland Telemedical System for Psychiatry is one of the results, bringing a global team of psychiatrist within reach of local nurses.

Innovating waste management: Co-creating design of new garbage bins

For the municipalities in the greater Copenhagen region, Blå Himmel were hired to help rethink the trash can for sorting household waste. To engage users and break open the thinking-as-usual we decided to design and implement an international co-creative design competition.

Innovating health: WHO Healthy Cities and 32 municipalities

For WHO Healthy Cities Blue Skies developed and implemented a unique innovation methodology for 32 Danish municipalities to empower civil servants and health workers to innovate more preventive and sustainable health care solutions.

Lejre Kommune: Innovating rural societies

With Lejre Kommune, Blå Himmel developed the municipal strategy and the brand-strategy. Based on Lejre's strong local culture and aspirations for a sustainable future, Blå Himmel involved more than 1.000 citizens, politicians, and professionals in a bottom up strategy proces.

Ecouture: Rethinking fashion and sustainability

Innovating fashion to become more sustainable is very much needed – and notoriously hard. Building a purpose-driven strategy for Ecouture, Blue Skies, has engaged directly in demonstrating how fashion can be bold, beautiful – and sustainable.

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Lundbye’s ‘Blå Himmel’

Founder and evangelist Lars Lundbye shares his thinking on innovation theory, on sustainable growth, on disruption, and purpose driven strategy and innovation. Recent cases forms the backdrop and often blog posts are reflections to clients.

New book by Lars Lundbye: PRIMI – extreme user innovation in the plastics industry

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Wanted: Bold innovations in Health

Two years ago, I did a keynote at a major health conference in Denmark under the (slight provoking) title: "Innovation in spite of managagement" making [...]

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