Project Description

Ecouture: Sustainable fashion

Blue Skies has a stake in the wonderful fashion company Ecouture with the talented costume designer Johanne Helger Lund at the helm – and Blue Skies’ Lars Lundbye as Chairman. Johanne’s design are truly and daringly feminine – and to top if off all created in nontoxic eco-cotton, silk etc. with very high regards for the production proces.

We hade created a whole new radical strategy for Ecouture, building on the strong and true story in Johanne’s purpose-driven design to break drastically with the traditional ways of doing fashion business. Ecouture now has one of the biggest loyal Facebook followings in the Danish fashion industry, with a 100% focus on Johanne’s dedication to real women – daring to dress in red.

Ecouture’ DNA is a strong commitment to the real beauty of women – and this is at the core also to be truly sustainable – both socially, environmentally and financially. Design, production, delivery, usage methodologies, and the engaged user-community, are all very much a testament to Blue Skies’ thinking.

See Ecouture’s website here.