Project Description

Innovating Waste Management:  Co-creating design of new garbage bins

Sort your trash can – is an example af Blue Skies’s co-creation approach.

For the municipalities in the greater Copenhagen region, Blue Skies were hired to help rethink the trash can for sorting household waste. To engage user and break open the thinking-as-usual we decided to design and implement an international co-creative design competition.

The open innovation- and design competition was named; ”Sort your trash can”. Both American, European and Asian designer and design schools were been invited to take part in this project.

With the open innovation style competition the municipalities are blazing new paths. Opening it’s processes to young talent, and entering into an open dialogue, the joint municipal waste handling organization, Vestforbrænding, radically changes the closed traditional processes of engineering solutions. With an emphasis on co-creation, the web-based idea competition is an innovative new way for Vestforbrænding to get closer to it’s users. With ”Sort your trash can” it became possible for everyone to have direct influence on the trash cans outcome by commenting on the designers ideas, which were available on the online innovation-platform.

The competition ran until October 28th 2012 and resulted in a number of innovative ideas and design, three of which were chosen to be processed by I/S Vestforbrænding.