Project Description

Innovating Waste Management

For Denmark’s largest waste management company , I/S Vestforbrænding, and a consortium of partners incl. DI, SEED, DTU and Amagerforbrænding, Blå Himmel designed a new innovation platform for resource management introducing cradle-to-cradle principles and a radical co-creation approach to waste innovation engaging the Danish greentech community and opening up the closed value chain of the waste stream.

Vestforbrænding is a major player in the efficient Danish waste-to-heat system. The succes of this system is however challenging the move to higher value in the so-called waste hierarchy:

  1. Minimisation and prevention of waste arisings
  2. Reuse and recycling of resources contained in waste
  3. Recovery with maximum energy utilisation (power and heating)
  4. Waste landfill

The project developed a full innovation system to target this challenge across the value chains in the waste system.