Last year, as part of a India deep dive, I joined twelve thought leaders gathered for a Symposium in Mumbai to discuss Urbanisation and Water inspired by the rise of and problems in Indian megapolises. The participants included the Indian rainwater harvesting guru, S Vishwananth and Dr Uday Kelkar, the Director of Japanese NJS Consultants, and from Grundfos Group VP Tao Bindslev and Managing Director Ranganath N. Krishna.

Targeting the dynamics and needs of urban development in the fast growing cities of the world is critical for our ability to innovate solutions to the huge water challenges facing us. The needs are massive, but to solve the challenges of water scarcity, conservation, energy demand for water treatment and distribution, turning wastewater into utility water, etc, we need new innovative approaches and co-creative efforts across the value chain and across sectors. The Symposium was part of  a series of Symposiums,I designed for Grundfos Water Supply, to explore new co-creative paths to insights and solutions. The Symposiums aim to provide a unique forum for open dialogue among peers on the challenges and opportunities.

At the Urbanization and Water symposium in Mumbai, the Indian Rainwater harvesting guru S Vishwanath brought a radical and inspiring concept of water sensibility. In this 6 minute video talk Vishwanath shares his thoughts on how old water technologies can be used to guide future technology development  towards a new water sensibility.

The Architect S. Vishwanath, all the way to the right, is a thought leader on rainwater harvesting. The founder of Rainwater Club, a city-based group that promotes and provides information on rainwater harvesting, S. Vishwanath has worked with urban planning, ecological architecture and water management for the past 25 years.

Symposium participants